Oliver Jauch gets down to it

Olli’s new website is online. First, his transporter should be the focus, then Oliver Jauch himself. He’ll be there when you need him, he’s the guy you call, you have to be able to rely on him. So a smooth page at a friendly price has been created for a very likable, super committed driver and entrepreneur.

My thanks go not only to Oliver Jauch for the very motivating cooperation, but also to Ilka Teige-Zuzak for her patient advice and expertise, to Anna and Jule for their constructive feedback, to Volker Trost for his spontaneous and generous help and of course and above all to Kirsten Eggers, who shot great pictures quickly, uncomplicatedly and very inspiringly for Oliver; and all this only with a small mood board, but with great fun.


What was done: Idea, concept, text, layout, customization appearance, customization logo, photo production, art direction, image selection, project management, web development, web design, CMS via Squarespace, consulting hosting, SEO, social media marketing

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